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If SOMEONE doesn’t stop spamming my inbox with ‘free apple giveaways’, I will scream.

Supposedly ‘Tumblr Staff blog’, but submitted by me…

Anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: I know it’s not the end of the world, and it’s not particularly important, but there’s at least three every day. It’s just annoying, is all… Yeah, I’m weird, I know. -_-

EDIT2: Also, just realised - they’re being submitted by me… which, no, but it means I can’t block whoever’s sending them. Because that would be blocking myself. And, wow, what?

  1. vintage-realities answered: try changing your password to get rid of it thats wht i did
  2. deykae answered: It’s happened to me too! And I couldn’t figure out how to block myself, either. >.< Let me know if you’ve found out anything useful.
  3. illestreptile answered: Only 3 everyday. not being sarcastic but im getting 27
  4. sitanbul answered: It is a serious problem for sure …
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